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Pose App Fashion Forecast by manchic

Pose App Fashion Forecast by manchic

If you happen to be a true fashionista you must have already heard about the Pose App, which lets you share your style and wardrobe choices with your followers. You can also tag the clothes you’re wearing – kind of like tagging Facebook friends – and creating collections using looks from your favorite users is a breeze.

Their latest feature called Fashion Forecast is great – it’s a new email function that generates daily outfit recommendations tailored to fit current weather conditions in your area. How cool is that?

Pose App Fashion Forecast by manchic

Waking up in the morning to have an email ready with hints of what to wear in this global-warming-crazy-weather? I say: yes please!

I’m an avid user of this app (find me under manchic) and I absolutely love it! And guess what – they love me too! I’m thrilled to frequently find my choices selected to appear in their featured section and blog, where they share inspirations and outfits from the users they find relevant. Just saying!

Pose App Fashion Forecast by manchic

So what are you waiting for, subscribe to the Fashion Forecast at, download the app and strike a pose!

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