What Manchic Wore: Tenacious Denim

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What Manchic Wore: Tenacious Grey

What Manchic Wore: Tenacious Grey

My favorite trend this season is “Military Inspired” From epaulets to double-breasted officer coats to navy pins and hats to refreshing uses of camo, there’s a sense of ruggedness and edginess in the pieces.

What Manchic Wore: Tenacious Grey

Every week this month I will be showing you the wide range of playfulness and versatility of it.

What Manchic Wore: Tenacious Grey

Photo Credit: Jon Seneca

Today’s outfit is casual yet stylist. I love the monochromatic aspect of it and the denim detail of the pieces completes the ensemble with a bit of an attitude.


Denim Shirt by Zara

Denim Coat by Bobois

Demin Jeans by Zara

Suede Sneakers by Puma

What trend are you rocking this season? Comment below.

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  1. BeingZhenya

    Great look! So excited to see more and more guy bloggers on WordPress!

    1. manchic

      Thank you! I checked out your blog and you have very interesting content! Keep up the good work! Thanks again for the support!

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