What Manchic Wore: Vortex 2.0

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What Manchic Wore: Vortex 2.0

What Manchic Wore: Vortex 2.0

Attention New Yorkers: it’s freaking snowing outside! And according to New York Magazine it won’t stop until you’re miserable. Thank “God” I’m out of town – But even so, I’m with you guys…

What Manchic Wore: Vortex 2.0

It’s dangerous out there so why don’t you just stay home, pull out your Seamless App (Don’t be an ass and tip well your delivery guy, after all he just risked his life to bring you food) and ring up your cuddly buddy?

What Manchic Wore: Vortex 2.0

While you wait, take a look at these photos of me walking thru Times Square on a snowy night…

 STICKY NOTE: Okkk… I’m actually not out there (B*tch! I’m crazy but not stupid) it’s a Photoshop effect! – Don’t you just love technology?

Who says you can’t fight this Polar Vortex bullshit weather in style?

What Manchic Wore: Vortex 2.0

Photos by Jon Seneca


Black Wool Coat by Yves Saint Laurent (Similar)

Black Reflector Meggings by Topman

Knit Striped Scarf by Alfani

Leather Lace-Up Shoes by Aldo Shoes (Similar)

Officer Hat at Purple Passion NYC

Jorge Gallegos

Not just a pretty face

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