What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

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What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

One of the many wonderful things about New York City is that it’s constantly changing… It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the city for a couple months or several years, there’s always something new for you to see.

While walking down the Hudson River Park the other day I stumbled across this massive graphic structure: “The Artists Monument” by Tony Tasset containing the names of 392,486 modern and contemporary creators from Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol to up-and-coming artists alphabetically engraved on the surface of this vibrantly colored sculpture as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

As soon as I saw it I thought, wouldn’t be incredible to use the monument as a backdrop for a fashion photo shoot? Genius, I know! – Kiddinnnng. But seriously! I knew right away what I wanted to wear and it would be the perfect opportunity to test out my Urbanears headphones (that I got a few months ago at their launch party in Chelsea). 

What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

Sidenote: If you follow my Instagram you totally know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, what are you waiting for? I take really good pictures and it’s a daily diary of my life adventures, love affairs and of course my taste in fashion.

What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

Back to the point, I’ll be blunt; I hated hated hated wearing big headphones, especially to the gym… Call me crazy or whatever but I just didn’t get it. I used to think it was disgusting and kind of obnoxious. – We all have issues deal with it! LOL. However, ever since I got my Humlan headphones from Urbanears I’m a believer! – NOT to be confused with a ‘Belieber’

Urbanears really understands how and why headphones are used and worn…. Beyond sound, their vision is to make headphones that feel more like clothes than chromed plastics.

What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

With the launch of their Humlan line they entirely accomplish that. Just like your favorite t-shirt, Humlan’s headband and ear cushions can be removed and thrown in the wash. They also come with some handy features like the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing and a microphone and remote for picking up calls and hands-free talking. Fashionable yet functional, isn’t that clever?

I’ve always said that accessories make the outfit and Urbanears are for sure a ‘must have’ for the stylish yet tech savvy guy. Pick out your favorite color and brighten up your ensemble this spring! #colorPOP

What Manchic Wore: Color POP Feat. Urbanears

Photos by Jon Seneca


Pants: Zara(Similar) 

T-Shirt: H&M (Similar)

Factory Chambray Bomber Jacket: J. Crew Factory

City Deck Jacket: Gap Outlet

410 Sneakers: New Balance  @ Century 21 

Striped Socks: Lacoste

Royal Ice Sunglasses: HAZE Collection

Humlan Headphones: Urbanears 

Jorge Gallegos

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