What Manchic Wore: I Am Number 5

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What Manchic Wore: I Am Number 5

What Manchic Wore: I Am Number 5

The sun is finally shining in the city but that doesn’t mean its warm enough to be wearing just a tank top, at least not for me. – I’m Mexican ese! Unless it’s 80 degrees there’s no way I’m leaving the house without a jacket.

Thanks to the Polar bullshit Vortex this winter, I got to wear a beanie for the first time in my life. Now… I’ve never been a fan of hats in general, particularly beanies, because in my head (pun intended) they seem ghetto and make me look weird. However, after almost freezing to death, I finally decided to get one and I kinda liked it.

What Manchic Wore: I Am Number 5

Giving that it was strikingly sunny the other day, I put on my sunglasses (thanks GANT), my jacket, my fingerless gloves and my beanie, of course, and I went for a stroll. – Normally I don’t have a photographer following me around everywhere I go, #iwish but that day it happened I had one and he got some really good shots.

What I like the most about this look is the sporty easiness of it! I got my upgraded “varsity jacket” paired with a t-shirt with a huge number 5 printed on it. Those were the days, Saved by the Bell anyone?

What Manchic Wore: I Am Number 5


Pants: H&M Purple Label (Similar) 

Print T-Shirt: Pull and Bear (Similar) 

Wilcox Varsity Jacket: KR3w @ Urban Outfitters

Fingerless Gloves: Original Penguin (Similar)

Sunglasses: GANT (Similar)

Beanie: Timberland (Similar)

Socks: Lacoste

Sneakers: Bershka  


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