Meat Packing: Justin Case Underwear

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Meat Packing: Justin Case Underwear

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a bit of an underwear addict! Who knew that my “addiction” to skivvies would open up some doors for me? A couple of years ago I was a contributor blogger for Menswear Review and I got to evaluate briefs, jockstraps and even thongs on their fit, style, quality, etc. Thanks to that, I’m now some sort of underwear expert. – You see mom, my little addiction wasn’t that bad after all!

So when the guys from Justin Case Underwear – a proudly NYC based company; approached me to review their products, I knew right away I wanted to strip down and pose wearing the vibrant undies.  Before you roll your eyes, I know I’m far away from having the athletic and lean body male models have, however, I’ve always wanted to be an underwear model and given that this is my blog I can do whatever the f*ck I want. #dealwithit

Meat Packing: Justin Case Underwear

Justin Case Underwear, unlike other brands on the market, focuses on selecting top quality fabrics and attractive, flattering, cutting edge designs… They believe that oversized text, garish images and outlandish logos ruin an attractive undergarment. – Going back to the basics, I like that!

Their first collection consists only of briefs in a variety of colors plus a few prints, great for the Spring-Summer season… I got to wear them and these are my thoughts:

Meat Packing: Justin Case Underwear

The Fit: The Justin Case Brief keeps “your boys” in place and tighter than your average brief.

The Style: A great low-rise brief with a modern cut that gives great support and lift to your package while highlighting your assets.

The Fabric: Made out of 94% Polyester and 5% Spandex looks sleek and feels completely smooth on your body.

The Quality: The combination of Polyester and Spandex makes the Justin Case Brief extremely durable and easy to wash and dry and ideal for the gym or any other physical activities.

Meat Packing: Justin Case Underwear

The Justin Case brief is designed to enhance and support every part of your lower body while keeping it very tight!  For that reason, I would recommend being very careful when selecting your size, especially if you have a big bulge or a big ass.  Other than that, I really like these briefs, they’re super comfy and the fabric looks and feels amazing on your body! – Just between you and I, I couldn’t stop touching myself… Shhh!

I sure hope they introduce boxers and even jockstraps in the next collection. – You know me; I’m all about the jockstraps. Wink*

Meat Packing: Justin Case Underwear

To learn more about Justin Case underwear visit and because I’m awesome and I want you to look and feel sexy too, I got you a great discount! Use code MANCHIC at checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase. Valid through 04.21.14 – You’re welcome.

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