Agenda: PULSE New York, Contemporary Art Fair

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Agenda: PULSE New York, Contemporary Art Fair

As a graphic designer I had to take art classes during my University years. For that reason, artistry is a fundamental part of my formation and persona.

Living in New York City is like living in a gigantic art gallery… On the streets, on the subway, on the walls, everywhere you go there’s always some kind of art for you to look at.

Agenda: PULSE New York, Contemporary Art Fair
Ellen Carey “Dings and Shadows”

And on top of all the “street art”, you also have fantastic art fairs happening all year round. For example, this weekend, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair (May 8th – 11th) comes back with its ninth edition at the Metropolitan Pavilion featuring new and returning international galleries from eleven countries.

Approximately 50 international exhibitors will present an eclectic variety of artworks that encompass everything from photography and mixed media to film and performance art within the venue’s 28,000 square-feet.

Agenda: PULSE New York, Contemporary Art Fair
PULSE Director, Helen Tommer

All that sounds terrific, but as regular “mortals” we can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that are in front of our eyes when we walk though an art fair, right? Well, the new Director, Helen Tommer kept that in mind and this year she redesigned the landscape and scaled down the physicality of PULSE New York so the audience has a chance to really engage and re-contextualize.

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