What Manchic Wore: No #Selfie Control

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What Manchic Wore: No #Selfie Control

It takes just a look into my Instagram account to realize that I’m kind of obsessed with selfies. And before you raise your eyebrow, that doesn’t mean I’m self-involved. –  Ok, ok, ok! Maybe just a little. #ilivefortheapplause

In a modern world where technology is taking over of our lives and gadgets are becoming accessories more than a communication tool, a basic rubber case for your smartphone or tablet simply won’t make the cut! That’s why every time you’re putting together an outfit you have to take into consideration your widgets as part of your look.

What Manchic Wore: No #Selfie Control

Personally, I own several iPhone cases and I love to mix and match them with my ensemble, needles to say when the guys from Zero Gravity told me they wanted to send me a new case, I was beyond excited!

ZERO GRAVITY is a culture, a movement, and a brand with an identity. Our mission is not to try to make you look cooler, or more fashionable, but to only EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE individually. We do this by fusing fashion, pop culture, and technology together. 

What Manchic Wore: No #Selfie Control

To be honest, it was really hard for me to pick just one! I mean, these guys have TONS of fun; stylish and dope cases to express who you really are. However, I’m a big fan of pop art, so at the end, I went with the Moon Soup case (homage to Andy Warhol soup cans).

And since warmer weather is finally here – kind of, I decided to put on something bright and colorful. As well as trying on my new Burnett Flight Jacket (thanks Alpha Industries).  Furthermore I put into work my graphic design skills to create this perky editorial. Cute right? Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go, but first let me take a #selfie!!!


Burnett Flight Jacket: Alpha Industries  

Print Shirt: Pull & Bear (Similar) 

5 Pocket Trouser : Zara

Mid Sneakers: Puma (Similar) 

Edge Crystal Fire Sunglasses: HAZE Collection 

Moon Soup iPhone 5s Case: Zero Gravity


Photography: Gerardo Vizmanos

Hair and Make-up: Bradley Laskey

Graphic Design: Jorge Gallegos

Jorge Gallegos

Not just a pretty face

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