What Manchic Wore: Bubblicious

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What Manchic Wore: Bubblicious

What Manchic Wore: Bubblicious

Being that it was a hell of a freezing winter/spring, I could not be more excited about warmer and sunny days… and nothing says, “Summer is fucking finally here” better than fresh flowers!!!

Even though Miranda Priestly might have a very strong opinion about florals for this season – raised eyebrow- designers all around disagree! From Prada, to Gucci, to Dries Van Noten and Jean Paul Gaultier we saw the tropical floral motif blossom down the runways.

What Manchic Wore: Bubblicious

Not only are these big design houses are embracing the flower power but also brands like Zara, H&M and Original Penguin – for those peeps in a tight budget like me.

Now… let me just tell you why I’m obsessed with this trend. First of all, it reminds me of the beach, secondly the smell of sunscreen and finally because it means frozen margaritas for y’all! #SALUD

With that said, expect a lot of flowery posts in the next couple of days, you’ve been warned.

What Manchic Wore: Bubblicious


Palm Printed Tee, Original Penguin

Edge Sunglasses, HAZE Collection

Cotton Cap, H&M (Similar)

Photo Gerardo Vizmanos | Graphic Design Jorge Gallegos 

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