Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

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Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

I’ve always been an admirer of male models – but not in the Terry Richardson creepy-kind-of-way, ok Mr. Vaughan? (inside joke). Therefore, throughout my entire life I’ve collected tons of men’s fashion magazines… Sometimes I would buy one merely because of the ads inside, I swear! Ads that I used to cover my bedroom wall with, from Calvin Klein underwear ads to high-fashion editorials, all of them with one thing in common: half-naked male models. – No wonder why my parents weren’t surprised when I came out! #signsyosonisgay

One of the male models embellishing my college bedroom walls was Chad White. Born in Portland, Oregon he is well known for his handsome face, charming smile and sizzling hot body. – Have you seen this guy’s abs? Hard as a rock!  If you’re in New York, you’re most likely to run into him, whether he’s shooting a campaign in the Meatpacking District or partying in the Village, Chad is always out and about.

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

I first met the good-looking male model last year at the Soul Artist Management anniversary party, where we had a brief conversation. I could immediately tell he was very down to earth and friendly. – I have to admit, I had to make an effort not to fan out! LOL. Regardless, the super-busy model took a break from his work duties to celebrate his 30th birthday last Saturday in Fire Island the Pines and guess who was there? Yours truly!

The celebration happened at the legendary Sip-n-Twirl where DJ Lina turned it up! – As usual.  Drinks, music and the beach, what else could you ask for? Among the guests were Jason Kanner, CEO and Founder of Soul Artist Management, photographers Rick Day and Greg Vaughan and male models like Cory Bond and Kenneth Guidroz. You can tell by the pictures that everybody was having a good time, and we were, indeed!!! Prior to the party, I had a chance to talk to the birthday boy to learn more about his career and himself, here’s what he told me:

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

How did you get into modeling, did you always think you wanted to be in front of the camera? Growing up I was very involved in sports, most specifically baseball. However, at a young age I injured my arm, ending any possibilities of turning my love for the sport into a career. A close friend of mine (thanks Em!) persuaded me to pursue modeling shortly after.

You are most known for your editorial in the June 2006 issue of L’Uomo Vogue shot by Steven Klein, how would you describe working with such a talented photographer? It was surreal. Having the opportunity to work with such an influential name so early on in my career truly cannot be summed up into words. I will never forget that experience, especially now, since I can fully understand the magnitude of it all.

However, I remember that back in 2008 you did “Icarus” editorial for Out Magazine, was that fun to shoot? Were the wings heavy?  And most importantly, did you get to keep them? (I have a slight obsession with wings LOL) That shoot was definitely a ton of fun. The wings were on the heavier side but the adrenaline from the excitement of the day made me completely forget. Unfortunately, I did not get to keep the wings or else I would be more than happy to let you try them out! – That would have made my day!

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

I don’t want to put you in an awkward position by asking you your most treasured project so far; instead I’d like to know, what is your most and least favorite part of being a model? My favorite part would have to be the amazing people I get to meet and the places I get to travel to. Every single person I have met in this industry is incredibly passionate about what they do and you can’t help but have it rub off on you.

My least favorite part would have to be the negativity that a competitive nature can bring about. I have been extremely fortunate to work with friends that build each other up and support one another but I know that this is not always the case. I think this can be found in many different work environments. People need to remember that someone’s success is not the equivalent to your failure. ­– I couldn’t have said it better myself.

If you could give just a piece of advice to anyone who wants to become a model, what would it be? Perseverance is key. If I gave up when a door was shut in my face, I definitely would not be where I am today. If you really want it, you’ll make it happen. It may not follow the timeline you have planned out, but belief will be your best friend and doubt, your worst.

Whenever you’re not half-naked you wear some stylish and dapper clothes in your campaigns and editorials, but that’s not your fashion, is it? How would you describe your style? My style is more laid back, casual. Throw on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and I’m good to go. I always like to throw on a nice suit and class it up a bit as well.

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

Greatest fitness tip you can share. Switch it up. There’s nothing worse than doing your everyday routine and not seeing any results. I’m a huge fan of variety – boot camps, hiking, biking, surfing, etc. Surround yourself with people that will motivate you just as much as you can motivate them. – Great! Want to be my workout partner? 😉

Best and worst (if you have any) part of your body?  Hmm, I’ve always liked the height I was given (less fighting for the front at concerts/movie theatres is always a bonus). As far as the worst, there’s always room for improvement but I think far too often people get caught up in the little things. I don’t know how you can expect to look your best when you’re picking at your flaws. You eat right, exercise regularly, and live a balanced life because you love your body. Hate gets you nowhere.

Now let’s talk about birthdays and parties, what’s your cherished birthday gift or memory and why? Every fond memory I have always includes my family and friends. Of course, I’m not a complete saint. Gifts are pretty great. But nothing compares to celebrating with a group of people you love and that truly love you too. ­

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

Do you prefer cake, cupcakes or ice cream? (Do you even eat carbs?) Well, I’ve never been one to discriminate… – Me neither

Chad White’s signature cocktail. Tequila and Lime. Simplicity at its finest.  – Ay ay ay, salud!!!

Song of the summer 2014.  J Cole – All I Want Is You

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

If you are the beach do you wear a speedo, swim trunks, swim shorts or you go skinny-dipping? Well, this all depends on my crowd, and location for that matter. I have been known to rock quite a few speedos but typically stick to the swim trunks. Skinny-dipping is always a fun game changer. – Now we’re talking!

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit. Billy’s Bakery – always worth the mini food comma aftermath.

Who is your celebrity crush and why? After shooting with the lovely ladies from Pretty Little Liars I may have picked up a crush… or four. – I have to agree, they’re very pretty!

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout

Great interview, don’t you think? Aside from sexy he is such a good-hearted guy. You should have seen his face when my friend and I gave him his birthday present, you could see he was really touched by our gesture! I sure hope you enjoy it. Thanks for having me at your party and thanks to the guys at The Eight Floor for making this interview possible.

Manchic Exclusive: Chad White Birthday Blowout


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