Manchic Giveaway: Ursa Major Traveler’s Skin Care

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Manchic Giveaway: Ursa Major Traveler's Skin Care

I recently discovered Ursa Major on Instagram; their sharp packaging and branding got my attention right away; furthermore, when I learned about their “natural” philosophy I was hooked.

We try to make healthy choices about how we live and what we eat, but what about we put on our skin, the largest organ? Unlike most toxin-laden products that pervade today’s marketplace, Ursa Major was created to provide a healthy and highly effective skin care solution. Their advanced formulations artfully blend nature’s most-effective ingredients to provide exceptional performance and a truly sublime experience.

My Ursa Major personal favorite is the Fantastic Face Wash; it works well, smells incredible, rinses clean and makes my skin feel and look healthier… You know how much I love you guys that’s why I want to give you the opportunity to try this and some of their other great products, here’s how you can win an Ursa Major Travelers Skin Care Kit:

1. Follow @manchic and @ursamajorvt on Instagram
2. Regram the following picture and mention @manchic
3. Hashtag #manchicgiveaway #manchicxursamajorvt #ursamajorvt
4. The winner will be announced on my Instagram on Sunday August 17th.

Manchic Giveaway: Ursa Major Traveler's Skin Care

It’s that simple!!!

Plus you can also win a year’s supply of their award-winning Essential Face Wipes. Hurry up! You have until Friday August 15th. Click here for more info.

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