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Hustlaball 2014

Hustlaball 2014

When it comes to watching porn, I’m the first one to admit I’m guilty as charged and not ashamed of it. Watching porn, exploring your body is good for your health, so I’ve heard. – I’m just following doctor’s orders 😉

Sidenote: I don’t want to lose any of my “bro” readers; hence, I’m keeping this post very straight-friendly. So do not freak out, or do, it’s your choice.

Therefore, I’m always looking forward to attending events like Hustlaball NYC. Hustlaball is a mega-circuit-party that brings together porn stars, top escorts from around the world and partygoers under one roof, a party that provides pleasure and X-rated fun. Last year’s was steamily CALIENTE; a lot of sexy things happened as you can see HERE – proceed at your own risk!!! This year didn’t disappoint either.

But not everything is about hot naked men – well maybe. Proceeds from the event support numerous non-profit programs that serve a diverse community like Sex Workers Project. Plus, this year my good friend Gio Black Peter’s art was on display around the venue. – Nice, right?

Enough of this boring talk… Let’s see the boys in action. Here are my Top 10 moments from Hustlaball NYC 2014.

10. Mr. Pam signature enema shots – Who’s thirsty?

Hustlaball 2014

9. Two is better than one and three is better than two – You gotta love math.

Hustlaball 2014

8. Halloween costume idea? Maybe…

Hustlaball 2014

7. I’m totally getting that tattooed in my ass too!!! #kidding

Hustlaball 2014

6. Oh hey Sean Paul Lockhart, I mean, Brent Corrigan? I’m confused! Either way, how you doin?

Hustlaball 2014

5. Gio Black Peter’s art.

Hustlaball 2014

4. Leo Sweetwood would bottom you so hard.

Hustlaball 2014

3. Gio & Cole from MaverickMen – Those two are TROUBLE!

Hustlaball 2014

2. Jesse Santana – Mancrush of the night.

Hustlaball 2014

1.Did you know that I also look good when I’m not wearing clothes? – #pornstarwannabe

Hustlaball 2014
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That wasn’t THAT naughty was it?

Photos Gerardo Vizmanos

Jorge Gallegos

Not just a pretty face

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  1. itstherabbit

    <3 Shameless <3 Te Quiero! xoxo <3 – BuNNY

    1. manchic

      #hotmess Love you too! Come back soon. NYC misses you already

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