Drop-Crotch Sweatpants… Trendy Or Trendon’t?

Drop-Crotch Sweatpants… Trendy Or Trendon’t?

Last week I was telling you about the hottest trend in menswear for fall: LUXE SWEATPANTS. Not the slouchy worn in the past, these new sporty trousers have mastered the tapered look: cut slim and straight. –These are totally IN, and you should go and buy a few of them, like RIGHT NOW!

Since the weather is getting colder, at least here in NYC, put them together with a fitted overcoat to create a super dapper outfit or with a cool graphic pullover sweater for a sassier look.

Drop-Crotch Sweatpants… Trendy Or Trendon’t?

But… What about drop-crotch sweatpants? Should you keep them or toss them? Well, that depends on if you resemble too much of a douchebag   – cough, cough, Justin Bieber – then you should absolutely burn them and while you’re at it, you should check your attitude at the door. #justsayin

They key to pull them off is simple, stay away from those that appear like you just popped in your pants, that’s never a good look! Instead, go for one with a small drop – just a couple inches below your crotch, preferably skinny and slim.

Drop-Crotch Sweatpants… Trendy Or Trendon’t?

I’m wearing these from ZARA, very comfortable and affordable. I’ve paired them up with my extremely edgy GQ + Gap En Noir coated denim jacket and striped t-shirt plus a plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist. – What can I say? I’m a 90’s kid!


Coated Denim Jacket: GQ + Gap En Noir

Striped Shirt: GQ + Gap En Noir (Sold Out)

Drop Crotch SweatPants: ZARA (Similar)

Plaid Flannel Shirt: H&M (Similar)

Trainers: NIKE 

Photos Giuliano Correia


Drop-Crotch Sweatpants… Trendy Or Trendon’t?

What do you think guys? Are drop crotch sweatpants… trendy or trendon’t? Leave your comments below or tweet me at @manchic and hashtag #trendy or #trendont.


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