Upgrade Your Fall Look With These Brogue Boots

Upgrade Your Fall Look With These Brogue Boots

The summer days are over! Time to say good-bye to tank tops, short shorts and sandals, and hola to warmer clothing and boots. I won’t lie; I HATE cold weather. However, I do like fall/winter clothes. – As Perry Ellis Creative Director Michael Maccari recently told me “the key to casual elegance is layering ”

The best thing about a fall look is boots. Why? Because they’re easy to maintain, versatile enough to wear them to the office or a fancy soiree and you can put them together with pretty much everything you already have in your closet.

Upgrade Your Fall Look With These Brogue Boots

Make sure they fit perfectly – You don’t want to be doing the walk of shame at lunch because you can’t stand them anymore. Also, invest in good quality and craftsmanship; that will go a long way, and ALWAYS go for a classic silhouette like the brogue boot.

The brogue detailing gives that formal aspect to an otherwise casual silhouette and brown or tan has always been the preferred color choice from dapper men. Accomplished a rugged look by pairing them with some jeans and a distressed jacket or keep it sharp by wearing them with wool pants or a tweed blazer.

Upgrade Your Fall Look With These Brogue Boots

But just because their boots doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of them. Clean and polish them regularly. – Believe me, I’m not the only one to judge someone by the tidiness of his footwear. #yesimsilentlyjudgingyou

Photos Gerardo Vizmanos 




Quilting Jacket: INC International Concepts

Rain Coat: Super Dry (Similar)

Stripped Shirt: Martin Keehn

Denim Jeans: Big Star

Patterned Socks: The Tie Bar

Gage Boots: Stacy Adams

Upgrade Your Fall Look With These Brogue Boots

Is this your favorite fall/winter boot? What’s the best part about fall clothes?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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