5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

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5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

My favorite part about Christmas is gifts, not receiving them (well that too) but wrapping them. I remember helping my aunts and uncles – I have a lot – wrapping presents for my little coz… I always had fun doing it, and it was amazing seeing my cousin’s faces when they opened up their presents.

5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

For that reason, I asked my friend Interior Designer & TV personality Bobby Berk to help me come up with some crafty gift-wrapping ideas. Since he did a terrific job decorating Tiffani Thiessen house for HGTV’s Celebrity Holiday Homes. #savebythebobby

He was clever enough to use some recycled materials like brown paper shopping bags, so you don’t have to spend a fortune wrapping your presents. After all, they will get trash right away, however, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to look dashing until then.

5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

The Last Gentleman

Take inspiration from your wardrobe and use the pattern of favorite shirt to create a black-tie look alike gift box.

Materials: Solid Colored Paper of your choice. Printed design paper for tie or draw your own design. Double Stick Tape

Instructions: Fully wrap your box with a solid plain paper. Cut strips of the same paper to make the collar of the shirt (fold the edges under to give the paper a 3D look). Cut the printed-paper out in the shape of a tie (fold the edges under to give the paper a 3D look). Use the double stick tape to put it all together.

The Techie Guru

Hipsters are in this season, why not put on some nerdy glasses and go for a mustache ride?

Materials: Solid colored wrapping paper of your choice. Solid colored construction paper

Instructions: Wrap your box. Cut out hipster glasses and mustache (you can find templates online by searching Google images). Attached your glasses and mustache with double stick tape of a glue stick.

5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

The Yule Card

Embrace the Holiday spirit; tuck a Christmas tree branch beneath some yard just before Santa arrives.

Materials: Craft Paper. Solid construction paper. Yarn or string. Christmas tree branch.

Instructions: Wrap your box. Cut out a piece of solid paper for your name tag. Wrap one side of the box with string. Use the string to hold the tree branch onto the box.

The New Age Traveler

Go all out with a traveling-inspired wrapping palette (think passport stamps and subway maps).

Materials: Subway map or any other map. Craft paper or recycled brown shopping bag. Stencils

Instructions: Fully wrap your box in brown craft paper. Stencil and cut out the letters of the recipient’s name out of the map. Attach the letters with double stick tape or a glue stick. Wrap half the box with the map.

5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

The Young Gun

Be creative and stay away from traditional holiday décor. Embellish gifts with small toys for fun and memorable present for the young ones.

Materials: Small toy car. Solid Wrapping Paper. Sheet of black construction paper. White pencil. Hot Glue Gun

Instructions: Wrap your box. Cut out a strip of the black paper that will act as the street. Use your white pencil or chalk to draw the lines on the street. Adhere the black paper to the box with double stick tape or glue stick. Use your hot glue gun to affix the toy to the street.

5 Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas

You’re all see to make a last lasting impression with your presents this holiday season.

But wait, there’s more! You worked hard getting everyone on your Christmas list something special, now it’s your turn. Follow @manchic & @bobbyberk on Instagram, tell me what’s your favorite gift-wrapping idea and you can win a $100 Bobby Berk Home gift card.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. jminter

    Great ideas! Wrapping and gifting are one of my favourite parts of the Holidays too!

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