When In Doubt Wear Black

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When In Doubt Wear Black

When In Doubt Wear Black

Have you realized that everyone in New York City really wears black? What’s that all about? Are you on an episode of AHS Coven or are all of you going to a funeral? I understand the “all black look” is timeless and classic, however, aren’t you living in the so-called “fashion capital” of the world? I would expect more from you.

Don’t get me wrong; I love wearing black. Especially when I’m in a hurry: Just throw on a black t-shirt, some black denim jeans et voila you just created a killer look without much thought. Despite that, wearing a head-to-toe black outfit can be a bit boring and even gothic…. Next time, before you decide to be part of the Men in Black, pay attention to this.

When In Doubt Wear Black

Mix & Match

It’s important to mix different fabrics and textures. Wool and denim, leather and cotton, there’s endless possibilities. Don’t be afraid to play with them, but stick to simple lines and nice details.

The Black Leather Jacket = Little Black Dress

You’ve probably heard about the “little black dress” an essential piece of clothing every woman must have. For us boys, the equivalent to that would be a black leather jacket: this iconic garment has been around for a long time since the James Dean era, you should own at least one. – After all, everybody falls for the bad guy.

When In Doubt Wear Black

Flexibilite Du Noir

Black goes with any color, therefore, be bold and incorporate some color into your outfit. – Love your simple look, said no one ever!

Make A Statement

Bring a vibrant pattern into the mix, a badass graphic, whatever it is; you should always have a statement piece in your look.

When In Doubt Wear Black


It’s all about the accessories whether it’s a suede hat, a duffle bag or leather boots, adding bells and whistles will make you stand out.

When In Doubt Wear Black


Black Houndstooth Print Pants: Topman

Black Biker Jacket: Topman

Black Oversized T-Shirt: Topman

Black Wool Trilby Hat: Topman

Mil Shoes: Camper 

Photos Gerardo Vizmanos

Jorge Gallegos

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