Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

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Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

What better way to celebrate summer officially here than with a cocktail! Even better if it has vodka on it! Love me some vodka.

Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

For that reason, I teamed up with Absolut Elyx to bring you the best summer cocktail, something refreshing to beat the heat and posh enough to be the talk of your party.

Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

SIDENOTE: Absolut Elyx is produced from single estate wheat in Sweden and distilled in a hand-operated vintage still from 1921 made entirely from copper. Which naturally catalyzes trace compounds in the spirit, purifying the vodka and adding a highly prized silky texture and taste. – No wonder why I like it so much, extremely smooth taste!

Anyone Care For A Cocktail?


  • 4 parts Absolut Elyx
  • 2 parts sweet Vermouth
  • 6 parts hibiscus flower tea
  • 3 parts sugar syrup
  • 2 parts freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 thumbnail slices ginger


Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

You don’t have to be a superstar mixologist to prepare this tropical extravaganza. Just pour all of the ingredients into a shaker, shake and strain into copper pineapple (or any other flowery vessel) over cubed ice. Garnish with fresh fruit et voila! You just made yourself a fabulous Driving Miss Daisy.

Anyone Care For A Cocktail?

By the way, did you know that pineapple is the global symbol of hospitality? Me neither. Yes! That’s why Absolut Elyx adopted the copper pineapple as their “thing” because, as a brand, they are all about entertainment. Thanks for the tip Jonas Tahlin (just so you know, he’s the CEO of Absolut Elyx) #rollinwiththehomies

Anyone Care For A Cocktail?


Summer Weight Chinos: Bonobos / Rampart Green Deco Shirt: Haspel / Aviator Hat: Stetson / Heist Sunglasses: Barton Perreira 

***Drink Responsibly

A special thanks to Noah Kaplan and Issa PR. 



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