Summer Getaway? Maritimo Got You Covered!

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Whether you’re traveling to an exotic beach or hitting up your local pool; you’ll want to be sure to wow the crowd with a dazzling swimsuit. For the ultimate summer gear, Maritimo got you covered!#summerbymanchic

Ergo, I’ve teamed up with the online retailer to bring you the best swimwear for your seaside getaway. First, we have JOR’s Havana Men’s Swim Brief. It fits tight, and yes, the vibrant flamingo and tropical pattern screams “Get it on!”. – But isn’t this what vacation is all about?


If you have a nicely shaped butt, strong legs or just don’t give a f*ck about what other people think, this swim brief is for you. The square cut offers a little more coverage than the bikini cut. That said, it’s still sexy and shows off your goods quite well. – All eyes on you. #summerbymanchic

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Now, let’s go dive in the pool!

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