Modern Lines

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Modern Lines

Stripes have always been a recurrent trend on the runway. However, each season, designers draw the lines differently. For this summer, classic stripes are reinvigorated with architectural elements and geometric shapes.

Modern Lines

Wearing these graphic forms in color combinations such as black and white, will instantly give a stronger and edgier angle to your outfit. Tied up with a buzz cut, a couple of silver rings & a bracelet – the result is a total badass look!

Modern Lines

But don’t forget we just entered a heat wave; so stay cool and fresh by completing your ensemble with a pair of cropped pants and some leather sandals. – Ain’t nobody got time for sweaty situations.

Modern Lines


Short Sleeve Shirt, ASOS /Slim Fit Cropped Pants, ASOSLeather Sandals, ASOS / Black Bracelets, H&M / 

Photos by Ignis Terram 

Modern Lines

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