In Bed With J Tyler Whitmer

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In Bed With… J Tyler Whitmer

In Bed With… J Tyler Whitmer

A while ago I stumbled @jtylerwhitmer’s Instagram. At first, his perky butt caught my attention – don’t act so surprised, you already knew I’m an ass man – Nonetheless, the more I browsed through his feed, I realized he had an eye for decorating, composition and light. Therefore, I started following him.

J Tyler Whitmer, yes his first name is literally one letter, lives in Chicago. He does musical theater full time but also fills his time with freelance design work; interiors and styling product shoots. – No wonder why his images are so sleek.

I got to hang out with J last weekend while he was in New York, which made me feel #instacooler. In order to know more about his photos and how he makes those grams look so damn stylish, I got him naked (well, half naked) and in bed. What better way to get to know someone than in bed, right?

In Bed With… J Tyler Whitmer

Photos by Ignis Terram edited by J Tyler Whitmer 

Swimwear Kyle King 

Define your Instagram style in three words.
Fun, Sexy, Me. The same name of my first single.

What is the story behind your bed photos, how did you come up with that idea?
I like to photograph my every day, so I thought, “What is something I do every day?” I start my day and finish my day in my bed… most of the time at least… so I started playing around, my followers seemed to enjoy them, and so I started a series. #mybedportraits. It’s fun and playful and allows me to try to be sexy.

What’s your favorite thing to post?
Myself. Duh.

We have seen you wearing nothing but your undies and with other men in bed. Is there something you would never post?
I would never post a photo of my penis…even though it’s beautiful. I have some limits, but really anything else is fine. I think the human body is gorgeous, so I don’t understand when people get offended by nudity. Also, my more naked photos are for Tumblr 🙂 – I need that Tumblr.

Best editing advice
I love a filter and anything that enhances a photo. It’s fun to tweak photos and play with light and color, but be careful not to overdo it.

What’s your secret to social media success?
Being an active player in social media is essential. Finding hashtags and using them to share your photos with the world, and connecting with other Instagrammers. People will feature my photos, which is a great way to gain new followers and meet new people. Also, Instagram does a weekend hashtag project every single weekend. They challenge and inspire you to get creative and see things in a different way. Of course, my favorite one was #WHPGlitter. It’s actually how Instagram found my account and made me one of their “Suggested Users”.

3 Instagram accounts that inspire you
My Queen Mama who taught me everything IG @lisadieder. @hoscos for all of my body goals and eye candy. And @bloggers_boyfriend for fashion and aesthetic.

How do you like your boys?
Older than me and richer than me. It’s actually all about chemistry and the way someone kisses, but I tend to date daddies, with muscles and silver hair. – Good thing you live in Chicago, otherwise we will have a problem.

Instagram crush
@bluejadeandjoel. I am not even a dog lover and his whole feed is him and his dog, but he’s gorgeous, so sweet, and in my opinion the sexiest man on IG. – I follow him too, back off  bitch! 

In Bed With… J Tyler Whitmer

Keep visiting the blog to see who else I can get naked and in bed with me.

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