My Mornings Are For Coffee And The Chi

My mornings are for coffee and The Chi
Every morning, I like to pour myself a cup of coffee while I catch up on my favorite TV shows.

Do you know how people like watching TV at night after a long day? Well. I’m quite the opposite. Every morning, after I do my “sun salutations” and at home workouts, I like to pour myself a cup of coffee. At the same time, I have some breakfast while I catch up on my favorite TV shows.

You might find it weird, but for me, its almost therapeutic – working as a freelance content creator and writer can be very unstable. By having a morning routine where I can relax, I create some stability in my day, which allows me to deal with all the unpredictability of my life.My mornings are for coffee and The Chi

A-N-Y-W-A-Y, enough of my facts of life! In the most curated fashion, let me tell you about my current TV obsession: The Chi. From Emmy Award winner, Lena Waithe (Master of None), The Chi is a drama series that explores life on Chicago’s South Side.

While the South Side of Chicago has a reputation for violence, the series offers an authentic portrayal of the lives of the people in a predominantly black neighborhood. From the corky kid with the cool Afro to a young teen who wants to be a “player.My mornings are for coffee and The Chi

The show doesn’t implode even when there are SO many characters and story lines. On the contrary, the complexity of the narrative keeps you engaged, wanting to know more about each of them.

Since I love me some breakfast in bed, streaming the episodes on SHOWTIME allows me to watch on my computer, my phone or directly from the TV using my Roku. You don’t even need cable! Plus its commercial-free, which lets me keep up with The Chi faster.My mornings are for coffee and The Chi

By now you might be wondering if you should add The Chi to your queue, I say you should. Because even though the show is a drama, there are so many funny moments – which lightens up the story.My mornings are for coffee and The Chi

Considering I want you to give it a try, you can visit to redeem the code THECHI30 and sign up for an exclusive 30-DAY FREE TRIAL, don’t wait! Code expires 4/1/18.You can not only stream The Chi, but also trending series like SMILF, plus movies, documentaries and more!

My mornings are for coffee and The Chi

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Did you watch The Chi? Which character is your favorite? What other shows should I binge-watch? Comment below!

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