Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger

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Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger
This post is sponsored by Kroger but ideas and opinions expressed are genuine and my own.

Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger

Most kids, growing up, hate the idea of going grocery shopping with their parents. But, not me! Heading to the grocery store with my family, was our Saturday afternoon tradition. I remember that my brother and I would trail behind our parents as they roamed the various aisles, anxiously waiting for our turn to pick up our cereal – besides, we always ended up getting a treat of some sorts.

Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger
Do you enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do?

In the small, Mexican town where I grew up we didn’t have a huge supermarket. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that my family and I started coming to the United States and discovered Kroger. I was mesmerized by all those bright lights, the fresh foods, the endless cereal varieties; plus the extensive magazine selection. (I’ve always been obsessed with editorials and fashion ads, so anytime we’d go there I’d collect more.)

Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger

Every summer, we would visit a couple of relatives in Texas.  And every time, we would go shopping at the Kroger near my aunt’s house. It was a whole family affair: my parents, my aunt, and uncle, my three cousins and my brother and me. Now that I think about it, I guess that’s where my love for grocery shopping comes from… It’s a recognizable feeling, one that reminds me of home and family.

Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger

Now that I live “on my own” (I have a roommate), I’m lucky to have a Kroger that’s walking distance from my apartment as I don’t have a car. (Yes, you can still get around Texas without a car.) However, carrying all my groceries home has been kind of a pain now and then… well not anymore, with Kroger.com I’m able to buy online my favorite pantry items from Simple Truth and Private Selection. Now I just sit back and relax while I wait for my order to be shipped straight to my door.

Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger

The service is free with standard shipping on orders of $35 or more. But Kroger goes beyond that since, if I wanted, I could order items online and Kroger will deliver it all within an hour… within an hour people!

Why I Enjoy Grocery Shopping At Kroger

As comfort and efficient-focused as I am, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to the “real” store to do my grocery shopping and get that therapeutic, “reminds me of home” feeling. But I do appreciate the convenience of shopping online with Kroger.com… because sometimes not carrying heavy grocery bags is what I need.

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Have you tried online grocery shopping? What other mundane activities do you enjoy? Sound off in the comments!

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