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Manchic X: AdentroXManchic

My friends and family have always asked me for fashion advice, needless to say I’ve helped them out and loved it. – I guess that’s why I like the idea of becoming a Fashion Stylist…  Anyway, I’m genuinely impressed by other fellow bloggers style and work and I’m constantly looking to collaborate with people who inspire me.

With that said, I knew I wanted to partner with another menswear blogger and show each others style, however, I wanted to do it in a fun and different way. For this reason, I asked Alejandro Lopez to be part of my new series Manchic X, where the point is to style the blogger ‘Manchic style’ while he styles me with his own personal style.

Manchic X: AdentroXManchic
Shirt Calvin Klein | Pants Wooyoungmi | Loafers Aldo | Studded Bowtie American Apparel | Eyewear Ray-Ban | Watch GUESS | Harness Patricia Field

I enjoy mixing trends and styles; hence I decided to put Alejandro in a white shirt pair with some black pants, a very formal outfit. However, I added a leather harness/suspenders, a studded bowtie and some crazy pony hair loafers to finish the outfit with a dark twist.

After the shoot we talked about his style and where his fashion inspiration comes from…

How would you describe your style?

My personal style is influenced by my environment and mood. The base of my personal style is preppy with some 1950’s sand lot influences; I love clean lines but also love to mix patterns.

Who are your Style Icons?

It’s difficult to say whom my style icons are; it’s never one person all the time. If I have to name some people though I would say Steve McQueen, the cast of The Talented Mr. Ripley and JFK.

Do you have a secret or tip to share to dress better?

Something that I’ve come to realize along the way is the importance of how clothes fit. I recommend going one size smaller than what you usually wear and then decide if you should go up a size. Most guys think they’re a lot bigger than what they really are.

I had a blast working with Alejandro and his style is completely different from mine. Check out how he styled me on his site! How do I look?

If you’re a fashion blogger and would like to be part of the ‘Manchic X’ series, contact me at

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