Winter Essentials: Overcoat

Winter Essentials: Overcoat

I grew up in small town in Mexico where we didn’t have much cold weather let alone snow hence, I’m freaking freezing in New York!

Whether I like it or not, winter’s here and is here to stay and even though I hate wearing layers, I better gear up.

A good overcoat should be warm, fit perfectly and make you look fantastic. Full-length or knee-length, single-breasted or double-breasted is up to you however, if you plan to wear it for years to come, choose one made out of 100% wool.

Here are my top picks…

 Simply Blue 

Winter Essentials: Overcoat
Tallia Orange Navy Car Coat $215

Rebellious Black

Winter Essentials: Overcoat
ROGUE Wool and Leather Overcoat $671.25


Winter Essentials: Overcoat
H&M Wool Blend Coat $129

Warm Olive

Winter Essentials: Overcoat
J. Crew Dock Peacoat with Thinsulate $288

Fancy Neapolitan

Winter Essentials: Overcoat
ETRO Double Breasted Check Mohair Blend Coat $3800

Wide price range and styles, what’s your favorite?

Jorge Gallegos

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