What Manchic Wore: True Colors

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What Manchic Wore: True Colors

What Manchic Wore: True Colors

It’s not a secret that I’m gay… Hello! Have you seen my Tumblr feed? Full of shirtless male models – Sorry str8 boys, but I just can’t help it!

However, there was I time when I couldn’t be or express the real me, a time of confusion, anxiety, guilt and even depression… Times when I couldn’t understand my feelings towards men and I hated myself because of that.  It took me a while to finally accept them and love the person I am.  Despite being out to the majority of my friends and some relatives, coming out to my parents was a lot harder.

Growing up as a catholic guy in a small town in Mexico didn’t make things easier for me either… Although I wasn’t very discreet about my preferences, (I mean, my bedroom walls were covered in Calvin Klein underwear ads), I still didn’t know how my parents were going to react – one thing is to believe you’re son is gay and another one is to hearing him saying it.

To be honest, I wasn’t afraid that they would kick me out of the house or something like that; I was more scared to disappoint them and feared they wouldn’t love me anymore. Anyway, two years ago I finally had the courage to tell them I’m gay and much to my surprise they completely understood. I consider myself very lucky to have a caring family that supports me and loves me no matter what.

What Manchic Wore: True Colors

Thus, since it’s Gay Pride Weekend I wanted to share with you my “coming out story”. – But, believe it or not this photoshoot wasn’t planned to be a pride post AT ALL. It just happened! Seriously, what are the odds of me picking 5 different balloon colors and I chose the ones from the gay flag? – (I did have to photoshop-in the purple one though, shhh! don’t tell anyone)

To be wearing a full Original Penguin look was just the icing on the cake! Original Penguin is one of those brands that truly represent individuality and staying true to oneself. The HAZE Collection sunglasses, the Camper sandals (that I plan to over-wear this summer) and the ZARA tie really complement the boldness of this outfit. Could I just submit this to a magazine, please?

In conclusion, I know a lot of coming out stories don’t end as well as mine, but I just want to tell you… It took me a long time to be where I am, so just hang in there. #itgetsbetter. Happy Pride!


Short Sleeve Tiger Print Shirt: Original Penguin 

Tiger Print Short: Original Penguin 

Edge Sunglasses: HAZE Collection


R. Kremer Sandals: Camper 

Photo Gerardo Vizmanos | Graphic Design Jorge Gallegos 

Jorge Gallegos

Not just a pretty face

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