What Does Pride Mean To You?

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I would like to take this time to remind you that even though today we put on our brightest and skimpiest colorful clothes to go out and march in celebration, this was not always the case. … This weekend, 45 years ago, thousands of brave men and women weren’t afraid to stand up for their rights during the NYC Stonewall riots and this, my dear friends, is the TRUE meaning of this day.

We’ve come along way since then, however there are still struggles in the world with the LGBT community and a lot of challenges still lie ahead. So let’s go out and show our PRIDE, inspire others and commemorate and celebrate those who stood up for us!

I asked this question to several people – Unfortunately because I’m terrible at time management only a few responded, nonetheless the intention counts and here are their answers. Now it’s your turn, what does pride mean to you? Leave your answers in the comments section.

What Does Pride Mean To You?

Pride is the time when the LGBT community can come together to feel proud of who we are and to remind ourselves that we’re part of a big, diverse, crazy and fabulous community. It’s a time to feel we’re not alone. That really struck home for me a few years ago when just before the Pride parade in NYC the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and there the marriage equality fight was really gaining momentum. That parade had such amazing energy and excitement because we had tasted some sweet victories in the fight for equal rights. At times like that it’s amazing to be surrounded by your community, people who really understand what you’ve been through because they’ve been through it too. That’s Pride at it’s best. – Mickey Boardman, Paper Magazine Editorial Director

What Does Pride Mean To You?

Pride is about being your true self and making no excuses for it. – Marc Malkin, Senior Editor and Writer at EOnline

What Does Pride Mean To You?

Be whoever the fuck you want to be. Risk looking and sounding like a complete lunatic to follow your own dream for your life. – Jordan Bach, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

What Does Pride Mean To You?

Pride is self-love & self- acceptance. It is also community. Pride is the opposite of shame. When your proud of who you are you can’t help but shine. That is what its about, shinning. – Thomas Evans, Photographer at HIV Equal

What Does Pride Mean To You?

Pride means celebrating an authentic self and celebrating the work of the people before us who were brave enough to fight a system that despised them so that we could have a better life! – David Mason Chlopecki, Designer Slick It Up

What Does Pride Mean To You?

Pride is the community coming together and showing that love is real – Taryn Manning, Actress.




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