Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc Ecko

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Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc Ecko

Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc EckoVodka cranberry, please! That’s something you’ll hear me saying every time I go to a club or bar, but not last Wednesday when I was invited to join none other than American fashion designer and entrepreneur Marc Ecko for a whiskey tasting at the Flatiron Room.

Marc Ecko is truly a success story. He started creating custom t-shirts from his parent’s garage with small investments from family and friends and turned ecko UNLTD into a billion-dollar lifestyle company – What an inspiration, I still have hope to make it in this business, right?

Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc EckoThat night, the guests (a handful of bloggers and journalists) previewed the revamp of Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew. The FW 2014 collection is bold, masculine and unapologetic, just like the designer. – Seriously, the guy has no filter and that’s fucking cool! – A mix between vintage fabrics and classic silhouettes makes it extremely contemporary. My two favorite pieces from the collection happened to be Marc’s favorites too! You know what they say… great minds think alike.

Whiskey sommelier Heather Greene taught us about the differences between whiskey, scotch and bourbon. Now, I was paying close attention to all of what she was saying, however, after tasting the second sample I could barely think straight. We tried six different whiskeys, but the one I liked the most was the Masterson’s Rye for its sweetness, very distinctive. And before I got hammered, I had a chance to talk to the man of the hour, here’s what he told me.

Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc EckoWhat inspires Marc Ecko?  My relationship with oxygen, you’re here, you’re alive, what else are you supposed to do? I have a stubborn relationship with trying to create. Art is evidence of your existence.

Describe Marc Ecko in three words.  In three words oh my goodness, I have two words: Marc Ecko. – Very clever

Who are some of your fashion/style icons, if you have any?  There’s so many, however, I think the greatest innovation in menswear came out of the B Generation: pre-hippie, the 50’s, Miles Davis and James Dean, channeling classics. I think that period of style has been the watermark of everything we know today.

Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc EckoSomething every man should have in his wardrobe.  Clean and good quality underwear. It sounds silly but more people that I know don’t have clean underwear. For those who “don’t wear underwear,” wear it! Your clothing it’s important too don’t ruin your jeans. – I couldn’t agree more, listen to him guys!

On that note, what do you wear, boxers or briefs?  Boxer briefs.

When did you become a whiskey aficionado?  I don’t think I’m an aficionado; I’m a fan that’s for sure. About eight or nine years ago I read a book on scotch and I found fascinating the passion and the culture of creating it. Its like the alternative to wine, I love the smell, the sweetness and the honey. I took a shine to it!


Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc EckoWhat’s your favorite whiskey?  That’s hard; it’s like asking a kid what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Tonight it was Highland Park 18. But I’m also a huge fan of bourbon and rye whiskey.

What’s Marc Ecko’s signature drink or cocktail?  I have two-signature drinks, while in the summer is the “Jerseyrita” it’s like a ghetto low-calorie margarita: diet tonic water, hand twist of lime and a really good reposado tequila. – You know I’m Mexican so I’ll have to give this one a try!
During the fall and winter I take a splash of chocolate bitters, a splash of orange bitters, hazel baden bourbon on the big rocks that’s the Marc Ecko Cut Sew.

Something you can’t live without.  My kids.

If you could give just a piece of advice to younger entrepreneurs or someone who wants to be part of the fashion industry what would it be?  Teamwork makes the dream work.

Your life philosophy in one sentence.  Guts to the skin, skin to the world. Remember that, right from the pit all the way out.Trust me, will do! 

Manchic Exclusive: Drinking Whiskey With Marc EckoPhotos Courtesy of Mack Petion/RINY Media.

Check out the FULL Marc Ecko Fall/Winter 2014 Collection on my HERE and FOLLOW him on Instagram and Twitter.

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