What Manchic Wore: Mr. Turk Club

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What Manchic Wore: Mr. Turk Club

It only takes looking at Mr. Turk Instagram to realize their motto must be “You can never have too much beach”: some of the hottest guys wearing simple silhouettes in vibrant colors with unique patterns and textures along the seashore…

Mr. Turk is designed for men who aren’t afraid to make a statement with their wardrobe – like me! Designer Jonathan Snow (Tina Turk’s husband) embraces the California dapper style with a fantastic collection: from cotton floral blazers to twill pants plus bold and bright swimwear, Mr. Turk has you covered whether you’re going to the beach club or the nightclub.

What Manchic Wore: Mr. Turk Club

You already know I have no problem showing some skin, therefore, when I saw this mesh t-shirt at Esquire magazine SHARP The Man Event I knew right away I needed to buy it… so I did. – I love a good mesh shirt! This one is perfect for the summer and what I like the most about it is that you can dress it up or down.

Originally I was going to get some swimwear too but then I said to myself “Do you really need to add another pair to your extensive collection?” so I didn’t get one, besides my body is not quite beach ready… yet! (Not like that has stopped me before) Anyway I’ll continue trying to hit the gym daily and eating healthy and who knows, perhaps next season you’ll see me as one of their models… #onecanonlydream

MANCHIC WEARS: Neon Mesh Bradley 2 Sweatshirt, Mr. Turk.  Chino Shorts (Similar), H&M. Itaca Sandals, Camper. Rose Gold Edge Sunglasses, HAZE Collection.

Photos Gerardo Vizmanos 

Jorge Gallegos

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