J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition

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J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition

J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition

Mexico’s fashion market has been blooming for the past couple of years. Luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana opened up their doors to Mexican fashionistas and charming towns like Tulum have become the preferred destination for the worldly fashion obsessed. Not to mention that, up and coming Mexican designers and traditional craftsmanship are starting to get notice by the international fashion crowd.

J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition

As Mexican, all of this makes me extremely proud of mi pais. For this reason, I’m introducing a brand new section on the blog called Made in Mexico, to celebrate and highlight exceptional Mexican talent and design. To get things rolling, I would like to present to you J.L. Rocha fine shoes.

J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition

J.L Rocha shoes are the result of three generations of Mexican heritage; consequently, they have learned the craft from expert cobblers to design original pieces with the utmost respect for tradition.

Sidenote: If there were someone that knows about family business would be me. My father opened up his own restaurant after working at my grandmother’s eatery for many years; during my high school years I used to help him out… Is that why I have an entrepreneur personality? Damn you Dad! #kidding

The first shoe collection is made from calfskin; the best compact and extra fine grain material and their designs are updated takes on the classics. As you can see in the sophisticated brown suede Chelsea boot, I’m wearing. – I know I recently said to stay away from suede boots. However, fashion rules are made to be broken.

J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition

Everybody knows that Chelsea boots are every gentleman’s essential; they will always look great on you, rain or shine. The strap around and punctuating stitch detailing throughout this J.L. Rocha Chelsea boot brings out new life to this style staple. – Bien hecho chicos!

J.L. Rocha, Elegant Mexican Tradition


Gray Blazer: WRK 

Denim Shirt: Uniqlo 

Pants: ZARA (Similar) 

Stripped Knit Tie: Uniqlo

Belt: Perry Ellis

Glasses: HAZE Collection

Suede Chelsea Boots: J.L. Rocha 

Photos: Gerardo Vizmanos

Are you an emerging Mexican fashion designer? Do you know any cool Mexican brands you would like to see on the blog? E-mail me iammanchic@gmail.com or comment below.

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  1. Amandeep Singh Rai

    Hey !
    Can ease please tell me where did you get those boots from?
    I really want the same pair and I have been looking for them like crazy, but, haven’t been successful finding them. Please do let me know.

  2. manchic

    Hi, if you go all the way down to the post, you’ll see a breakdown of all the pieces I’m wearing with a link to where you can get them, either way these are J.L.Rocha available here: http://www.joseluisrocha.com/shoes/212-brown-suede-belt-boot

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