Cold Gear For The Contemporary Man

Cold Gear For The Contemporary Man

Baby its cold outside! Unless someone is paying me to go out, I am NOT leaving my apartment. Yeah, right? I wish life were that easy, news flash, it’s not! So instead of complaining about freezing temperatures I decided to gear up for the cold weather with EFM.

Cold Gear For The Contemporary Man

EFM (Engineered For Motion) is radically constructed clothing for the modern guy. Donrad Duncan (Victorinox, Ma.Strum) takes the essentials of urban sportswear and reconstructs them as sharp tailored hybrids that move better, weigh less and do more. – Luxury active wear, I’ll take it!

Cold Gear For The Contemporary Man

By now we’ve already establish that I’m all about sweatpants as long as they’re tailored and fitted. Hence, I obviously find appealing EFM’s trousers. The stitching in the front seams brings out the dynamism of the brand yet the narrow leg and slim fit keeps them dapper.

Cold Gear For The Contemporary Man

When it comes to fashion, I’m not afraid of taking risks. That’s why I’m fixated with EFM’s Crew Neck Sweater With Button Off Hood. Put it on to fight the atrocious winter season and take if off when you get to work, warm and functional, how clever is that?

Cold Gear For The Contemporary Man


Dorset Crew Neck Sweater With Button Off Hood: EFM 

Perry Flat Front Knit Trousers: EFM 

Sports Socks: H&M 

Suede Trainers: GOLA 

Carry-on Bag: GOLA

Photos Gerardo Vizmanos

Now I want to hear it from you guys. Would you wear this “ninja” inspired sweater? Leave your comments below.


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