From Huntley Homme With Love

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From Huntley Homme With Love

From Huntley Homme With Love

Oh, Valentine’s Day! The yearly reminder of the misery of a single gay man… I could go on and on about how non-existing my love life is (keyword LOVE). Instead, I’m going to pretend I’m in an awesome relationship, a modern fairytale that started over on Instagram #instalove

In my mind, he’s from Australia (because all Aussies are hot). He has a beautiful toned and tanned body, works doing something creative, he’s funny, got swag. But, above all, he loves me so much he decided to travel to NYC just to ask me out. Dreams come true, right?

Seriously, if I were in a relationship, I would have an Instagram joined account to share with the world how stupidly in love I was with my man. And as obnoxious as it sounds, I would also match outfits with my “beau” because I’m that kind of guy. #boyfriendtwins

From Huntley Homme With Love

Since we are queer and madly in love, I’d like to wear something that truly represents the spirit of our affair. That’s where Huntley Homme comes into the picture.
Huntley Homme is a men’s lifestyle brand dedicated to dressing and inspiring the homosexual and homocentric. No shame, no apologies, no regrets, just pure love, gay love.

When I first discovered their clothes I was shocked yet excited, I couldn’t believe there was a brand that bold out there… That’s why I needed to know more about the fearless man behind those men on men action shirts… So I chatted with Markian, Creative Director of the brand and here’s what he told me.

From Huntley Homme With Love

How did the idea of creating a “gay fashion brand” come to your mind?
We wanted to create a brand that celebrated and explored gay culture in a creative and challenging way. Clothing that evoked feelings provoked thoughts and at the same time gave you a little wink. We couldn’t find that out there so we set out and did it ourselves.

It is obvious “Huntley Homme” is inspired by the queer culture, however, what other concepts influence the designs?
From our caps with 3D acrylic lettering to our exposed fly front sweat pants, a general love of fashion and design is definitely referenced in our pieces. Pop culture, politics and gay history also play a part in our designs and prints.

Although the fashion industry has been largely supportive of the LGBT community, were you afraid of putting out there a product explicitly erotic and homosexual?
No, not at all. There are always going to be haters, but you can’t focus your energy on them. We know this is a niche label, and it’s not for everyone, but I’d like to think there is a something in there for every gay and even those who support them.

From Huntley Homme With Love

Personally I’m obsessed with your stuff, (otherwise we wouldn’t be talking) Tell me, what has been the response from the general public?
I’m obsessed that you’re obsessed! People have been greatly receptive to it. We’ve been getting a lot of love, and the feedback has been encouraging. It’s an amazing feeling seeing something that you’ve designed being worn. You recently tweeted that you were wearing our M4M cap in the subway, and a guy asked for your number because of it. That made my day!

Who is the “Huntley Homme” guy? What are his qualities?
It has been really special finding out who the Huntley guy is… As a whole, he is comfortable in his skin. He’s walking past you on the street in New York or Melbourne, but he’s also in Angola or Russia where life for a gay guy is an ongoing battle.

What is your favorite piece from the collection and why?
I can’t pick a favorite! I’m regularly in my HOMO tee; I like that on first glance the graphic is subtle but if you look a little harder the word jumps out at you. I’m also a sucker for the snapbacks.

From Huntley Homme With Love

Is there a “powerful gay” you would love to see wearing your stuff?
I’d love to get Le1f in our sweatpants, Murray Bartlett in a tee and Johnny Wujek in a cap. If you insist, I’ll take Matt Bomer in our printed shorts.

By the way, the majority of homosexuals (including me) have been bullied or harassed at some point in their lives. What would be the best advice you can give to any young gay guy going through this?
I’ve also had my share of bullying, but it has only made me stronger. I guess my best piece of advice would be, don’t be afraid to be yourself; don’t let them get you down. It won’t last forever.

On a lighter note, how do you like your men? Do you prefer the top bunk?
I like my men with a sense of humour, style and a little scruff! As long as the sheets are luxe I’ll take either bunk!Oh uh, it’s getting hot in here!

If you could be an ice cream flavor, which one would you be and how would you prefer to be eaten?
It’s going to have to be Rocky Road; you’ve got to bite and lick. – When’s our first date? Wink!

Your life motto in a sentence.
Dress up, dust yourself off and keep going.

From Huntley Homme With Love

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Huntley Homme makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, shop online at and follow them on social media @huntleyhomme

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