Sick Beats From New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2015 it’s officially over, it was a freezing busy season where up and coming designers showed their clothes and trends were set…
As usual, most of the collections were spectacular (some others were just a big WTF?). More importantly, the music during the runway shows was phenomenal. – I’ve never paid attention to this before, boy I was missing out!

SIDENOTE: I hope I didn’t infringe the law by using “sick beats” on my title… Apparently Taylor Swift owns the rights to that and other phrases from her album. Dear Taylor, I’m Swiftie don’t sue me… please! Love Jorge.

To pair a cool song taking inspiration from clothes, is not an easy task. That’s why designers recruit DJs to create a “made-to-measure” playlist that embodies the mood of the collection. From underground remixes, I’ve never heard in my life like “Clock Smith – Manuel Tur & DPlay” to overplayed tunes like “F For You – Disclosure” every show had a different vibe. Here’s a playlist of the best songs from the runway to your ears. – I also added a couple songs I think will make a great catwalk tune because I’m dope like that!


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