What To Wear To An Oscars Viewing Party

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What To Wear To An Oscar Party

Did you know that people in LA go bananas during Award season? I mean I get it… It’s HOLLYWOOD, and let’s be real here, the idea of starlets parading around the city wearing fancy dresses kind of excites me as well. Not only that, but people also throw their houses out of the window when it comes to hosting Oscar viewing parties.

What To Wear To An Oscar Party

On the contrary, New Yorkers doesn’t seem to care much about this stuff. After all, it’s very common to spot celebrities around the city. However, I wish I could go to one of these mega parties my buddy Orlando is talking about: super mansion, expensive hors d’oeuvres, posh drinks, all dressed up. – Sounds like my kinda partayyy!

What To Wear To An Oscar Party

Although I haven’t been officially invited to any Oscar parties, that didn’t stop me from glamming up. – In my imaginary world, paparazzi follow me everywhere I go. Thus, I must look sharp at all times. #TMZ

What To Wear To An Oscar Party

As a firm believer in gender equality, I 100% support gentlemen wearing sparkling and dazzling outfits! C’mon, tell me you don’t love this golden Mr. Turk jacket? I could even wear it with matching pants. Except, I wouldn’t like to steal the spotlight from the nominees, would I?

What To Wear To An Oscar Party


Gregory Blazer: Mr. Turk

Shirt: Wooyoungmi

Pants: Wooyoungmi

Shoes: Stacy Adams

Bowtie & Handkerchief: H&M

Watch: Emporio Armani 

Glasses: Ray-Ban

Photos: Guiliano Correia

So if you’re throwing a fabulous Oscar party in the city, count me in. I’ll bring out the glitter!

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