Wear It Like Beckham

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Wear It Like Beckham

Have you ever fantasize about being David Beckham for one day? I’ve had! The dude has killer swag, a rock star lifestyle, not to mention he is married to “Posh Spice”. She’s g-o-r-geous! – I think I could even go straight for her. OMG… Did I really just say that?

Wear It Like Beckham

News flash: that’s never going to happen! However, thanks to H&M on March 5th you will be able to dress as dashing as he does, because this season he is not only posing in his undies for the brand but also designing a new wardrobe for the vanguard man.

Wear It Like Beckham

The Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham collection will focus on the significance of pieces of the season, updating men’s classics in fresh fabrics, lucid colors and fits for spring 2015. – I was offer premier access to preview the capsule collection and pick up my favorite pieces – Let me tell you, you’re going to want to have it!

Wear It Like Beckham

From a linen pilot jacket; to a deluxe white chalk-washed denim jacket to an elegant a car coat; you can easily see the swanky touch from the former footballer in the key pieces. I particularly like the Brit character of the clothes: classy, timeless yet chic and sharp. – Just like him and I. Wink!

Wear It Like Beckham



Car Coat: Selected by Beckham for H&M

T-Shirt: Selected by Beckham for H&M

Pants: Selected by Beckham for H&M

The Wooster Sneakers: Greats

Watch: Guess

Ring: Topman 

Now If I can only put my hands on that ass… #cakefordays

Photo Margaret Rowland

Shop the Modern Essentials Selected Collection at your H&M store or online on March 5th.


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