Meanwhile in New York City

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Meanwhile in New York City

Meanwhile in New York City

I’m currently on the beach; meanwhile in New York City it’s still cold and snowy. Although I feel bad for my fellow New Yorkers, I’m thrilled I got out of the city and headed somewhere warmer. Still, getting here was not that easy. – Thank you, American Airlines #flightfromhell

Meanwhile in New York City

Anyway, have you noticed how people complain about other people complaining regarding freezing temperatures in the city? They get upset because they said people knew about the weather conditions prior their move to the city. Let me just say that I ♥ NY and I knew how cold winter could be, however, I did not sign up to be hit snowstorm after snowstorm. – Enough already!

Meanwhile in New York City

Truth be told, winter is my favorite season when it comes to fashion, they’re endless possibilities: layering, overcoats, boots, what’s not to like? Maybe gloves, yeah, I hate gloves. Nevertheless, there comes a time when a man has to wear them unless you want to end up frostbite, and you definitely don’t want that.

Meanwhile in New York City

Luckily for me, I kept warm during my last week in the city wearing Perry Ellis. This textured top coat is perfect for layering, wear a vest underneath, and you’re good to go. The printed shirt adds a quaint touch and the suede boots and leather gloves compliment the modern look.

Meanwhile in New York City


Slim Fit Prin Shirt: Perry Ellis (Similar) 

Textured Top Coat: Perry Ellis 

Suede Boots: Perry Ellis 

Leather Gloves: Perry Ellis 

Photo: Margaret Rowland

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