The Best Songs To Listen During Your Spring Break

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The Best Songs To Listen During Your Spring Break

Let’s rewind back a few days to the moment when I was drinking my “Corona” at Playa Los Muertos, in Puerto Vallarta… The sunshine, the beautiful beach, the unlimited alcoholic beverages, the delicious food, not to mention, the super hot speedo-wearing boys (Y-U-M) – Take me back, please!

SIDENOTE: Forgive me New Yorkers if I don’t feel sorry for you while I talk about sultry weather and beach fun – So long suckers!

American Spring Breakers visiting Mexico, have a terrible reputation (no offense). Luckily – or unfortunately for me, – I was hanging out with some “old queens” from Canada. Therefore, there weren’t any wet undies contest, puking or fights involved. Instead, we enjoyed long walks along the “Malecon”, fancy dinners and, of course, A LOT of dancing and drinking at the local gay bars– I said old, not dead.

All that boogie down got me thinking about creating a Spring Break playlist with a few songs to set a fantastic tropical mood.

From the beginning of your vacation day to the end, I’ve got you covered. If you’re just lounging around the pool, play Kygo- ID, their signature upbeat melodies, and extra smooth percussion elements sound great while sipping on Margaritas. When the sun goes down, and things start to heat up, dance to the electronic, synth tunes of The Nights by Avicii. Are you twerking yet?


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