How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

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How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

To say that I’m an environmentalist would be a big fat lie. I try to be as responsible as I can. Although sometimes I find myself brushing my teeth with the water running but haven’t we all done the same? At least once. C’mon, don’t leave me hanging!

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

And let’s not fool anybody: fashion isn’t the most sustainable of industries. Oops! However, nowadays designers and brands alike are becoming more aware of their footprint, shifting their ways of producing clothing to create much less of an impact on our planet.

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

We are still far away from a universe where fashion and nature co-exist harmoniously, today I’m not trying to change the world, I’m just sharing three ways to celebrate Mother Nature in style.

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

Explore Your World

We live in a modern era, surrounded by many distractions – *cough* *cough* *Instagram* – it’s time you reconnect with Earth. Get out there and explore the outdoors. Do it barefoot! Take advantage of the energizing and healing effects of “grounding”. – But hey, now that you’re outside, don’t be an asshole! Follow signs and rules, so you don’t deteriorate the breathtaking place you’re visiting.

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

Put On Something Green

Clearly sporting something green won’t make a big difference – at least you’re showing support for Earth Day, right? – But you know what could help? Buying products that are environmentally friendly. Look for those made of low chemical materials or sustainable fabrics like bamboo. – That doesn’t sound that complicated, does it?

How To Celebrate Earth Day In Style

Wear Floral Prints

Other than being part of the jungle, tropical patterns have nothing to do with Earth Day. Nevertheless, bargaining for domestically made products do. Purchasing local-made brands lowers the carbon footprint considerably. – Next time you’re on vacation, you know which things you need to take back home. #notmadeinchina

Remember; be nice to your planet all year round, not just today.



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