Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

Before Kevin and Allen – founders of Fulton and Roark – approached me, I didn’t know solid colognes existed. Kind of shocking for a men’s blogger. But in my defense, the grooming industry is rapidly growing making it almost impossible to keep up. Despite this, I’m happy I was introduced to the new wave of scent: solid cologne.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

Unlike its spray counterpart, solid cologne is made from a mixture of natural oils, easily portable and cost efficient. – I like that! It’s a convenient way to take your scent with you everywhere you go: in your pocket, gym bag or carry-on. Being that, you can apply as often as needed.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

TIP: Rub it on your pulse points such as the wrist, behind the ears and neck. – But go easy! Solid colognes are long lasting, and no matter how much I love you; I don’t want to end up smelling like you after I hug you.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

As an avid traveler, I’m hooked with Fulton and Roark. Besides being a product that smells incredible, their square design is so damn dandy yet practical (as a graphic designer, I always appreciate sleek branding). F&R scents are manly, refined and fresh. Without a doubt, my favorite for this summer is Tybee: clean and light.

Fulton and Roark, Such Dandy Solid Cologne

BUY THE PRODUCTS: Shackleford / Hatteras / Tybee 


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  1. I have, interestingly enough, just stumbled upon the F & R solids while vacationing in Hawaii on Maui. I purchased the No.2 Ltd. Love it! Upon returning home to North Carolina, I went on line to see if I could order on line for refills. Much to my surprise, it originated at my backdoor in Winston Salem….is that not curious! Awesome product….I am ordering refills in the various scents! You should give them a try.

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