Pastel-Colored Hair Is The Trend You Want To Rock This Summer

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Blue-Colored Hair

Hair color trends have always been popular, although, these days it seems like people are losing their heads –literally, over pastel-toned locks. Ever since Kelly Osbourne went lavender, we have seen colored hair in every hue of the rainbow, from green to pink.

Blue-Colored Hair

However, it’s time to say hasta la vista to purple prose, and hello to fifty dazzling shades of blue! Blue is without a doubt this season’s favorite color, and celebrities like Kyle Jenner and Hilary Duff are here to prove it – Cause when you’re touching me, baby, I see sparks! ♫

Blue-Colored Hair

Whether you want to make a statement or you are just trying to be fashionable, there a few ways you can whirl this trend into your hairstyle.

Blue-Colored Hair

Subtle Hints

For a softer look, ask for the balayage. This French coloring technique requires the color to be applied freehand instead with the traditional foils. The effect is modest and lacks much maintenance. Perfect for those with longer hair or those afraid of extreme transformations.

Just The Tip

If you’re trying to achieve something more hip, go for dip-dye ends. This technique involves dark roots and light ends, with no color in between, creating a rather bold contrast. – Shade away!

Full-Blown Pastels

For those with a bold and daring personality, go all out with fully pastel hair. But remember, the trend is all about washed out pastels, so dye your hair in beautiful aquatic tones. – After all, who hasn’t dreamt of being a merman?

Blue-Colored Hair

Unless you want to become part of the hash-tag “epic fail”, make sure you consult with a professional before you decide to bleach your hair. – Now fly away my pretty peacocks.


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