The King Of Trends: Neoprene

The King Of Trends: Neoprene

Sure, neoprene is commonly used as a material for scuba diving and water sports gear. However, in recent seasons, we have seen designers implement this s synthetic rubber in different garments, from outerwear to footwear even accessories.

The King Of Trends: Neoprene

Before you go batshit crazy and you start buying every neoprene piece you see, you should know that this fabric is actually a rubber, therefore, it doesn’t breathe well. For that reason, the best seasons to show it up are fall & winter, maybe spring, but just maybe. Otherwise, you’ll be sweating like a pig. – I mean, I love me a sweaty man, however, there’s a place and time for that. Perhaps in my bed?

The King Of Trends: Neoprene

How do you wear this trend? Keeping it simple is key. Choose a statement neoprene piece and build your outfit around it. A monochromatic look will accentuate the texture of the neoprene and if you mix it with other textures will bring some edge to your ensemble. – I put a crown on my look because this is my party and I can do what I want. #teammiley


Neoprene Crewneck Sweatshirt, Perry Ellis / Drop-Crotch Pants, Boohoo / Crown, YUNOTME /

Photos by Margaret Rowland 

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