Happy National Teddy Bear Day

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National Teddy Bear Day

Do you know the story behind the “Teddy bear”? It goes something like this: back in 1902 when president Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip, he spotted a bear cub and refused to shoot it. That noble decision led to a cartoon appearing in the newspapers and inspired a toymaker to make a stuffed bear. The Michtons’, asked president Roosevelt for permission to the name the bear after him, he said yes, and the rest is history. – Kind of sweet right?

National Teddy Bear Day

I’m telling you all this because today is National Teddy Bear Day. Although I’m not a kid anymore, this cuddly, stuffed animal was my very first best friend. I mean, not even the president could resist their tenderness, so why would I.

National Teddy Bear Day

For that reason, I’m celebrating this bizarre yet adorable holiday with the one of the most famous bears in fashion: the TOUS Teddy bear. TOUS Teddy bear has become a lucky charm over the years. What better way to honor this day than with a watch and bracelets of their lovely mascot?

National Teddy Bear Day


Sweet Dolls Bracelet, TOUS / Stainless Steel Bracelet, TOUS Silver Man Bracelet, TOUS / Acero Ring, TOUS / Drive Watch, TOUS / Modern Fit Vest, Joseph Abboud / Patterned Narrow Tie, Joseph Abboud /

National Teddy Bear Day

Photos by Ignis Terram 

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Jorge Gallegos

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  1. nicp25

    I Love this post!! I love teddy bears!!! Great post!!!

    1. manchic

      Thank you! It was a great party for a good cause!

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