Between Trees And Camouflage

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Between Trees And Camouflage

It doesn’t matter how many times we say camo is out, this print always finds it’s way back. From the runways to the streets, nowadays, camouflage it’s a staple in menswear. – Fire away, camo it’s bulletproof!

Between Trees And Camouflage

I guess the reason why every guy – gay or straight – like this pattern so much it’s because there’s something fashion-forward yet masculine to it. – Who doesn’t like a guy in uniform?

Between Trees And Camouflage

As a lover of camouflage, I find it very easy to wear because you can pair it with anything, just like a neutral. For instance, look at this Coach crewneck sweater – that features my favorite color combination: olive and black with a hint of clay brown or is it forest green? Who knows! – The point is I styled it with black pants and a black leather jacket, to let it shine, like a diamond in the dark….

Between Trees And Camouflage


Military Wild Beast Crewneck, Coach Asymmetrical Leather Biker Jacket,  ASOS / Black Skinny Alec Stretch Jean, EXPRESS 

Between Trees And Camouflage

Photos Phillip Van Nostrand

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Jorge Gallegos

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