The Magnificent Shearling

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Spotted J making a stylish exit from the UES, bag in hand and wearing the hottest trend of the season: shearling. Yeah, I just quoted the bitchiest New Yorker, Gossip Girl. Sorry boys, I’m a fan. It seemed appropriate since I just finished re-watching the whole series for the third time and these pictures turned out completely TMZ worthy. Thanks, Phillip.


Besides you might want to continue living in a Gossip Girl world to wear this trend because when it comes to shearling, it helps to be rich! These lambs are expensive – even the ones made by affordable designers – Hello! You’re wearing an inside-out sheepskin.


Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a shearling coat.


What’s so freaking special about this coat? Well, first of all, it’s a CLASSIC. In the past, both Steve McQueen and James Dean rock them, nowadays, my Tumblr sensation friend Nick Wooster can be seen sporting them as well – If Nick is wearing it, you should too – What is more, it’s the warmest and most functional piece; on top of being luxurious and trendy. #imfeelingmyself


Yeah, it is an investment and a big one. However, if you get the right shearling, you can wear them for many years to come. Stick to blacks, grays, blues or rich olives like this one from Coach by Stuart Vevers – the guy went nuts and applied shearling in almost every outerwear piece from his FW 2015 collection – (I’m not complaining, I like it very much). Now keep in mind that shearlings are a statement by themselves. Therefore, the rest of your outfit should be sharp and simple.

Photo Oct 22, 1 21 16 PM


Shearling b3 Bomber Jacket, Coach / Manhattan Backpack
In Military Wild Beast Print Leather Coach / 484 Jean In  Wash, J. Crew / Godfrey Cap Toe Side Zipper Boo, Stacy Adams Acero Bracelet, TOUS

Photos Phillip Van Nostrand

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