Parke & Ronen Giveaway To Beat The Winter Blues

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Parke & Ronen Giveaway

Baby, it’s cold outside, and even when a snow day makes the perfect background for my Instagram photos, I much rather be sipping on margaritas in a post-card worthy tropical retreat.

So, if you’re sick of icy temperatures and ready to escape to your favorite sunny destination, this giveaway is for you!


A photo posted by Men’s Style by Jorge Gallegos (@manchic) on Jan 29, 2016 at 12:00pm PST


Here’s how you can win a Parke & Ronen swims​ trunk:

1. Follow @manchic and @maritimoswim on Instagram
2. Leave a comment on the Instagram giveaway photo telling me why you need these cool trunks
3. You have until February 6, 2016, to participate
4. Winner will be announced and notified on Instagram


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