Be Fearless And Comfortable, THE EIGHTH

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Be Fearless And Comfortable, THE EIGHTH

THE EIGHTH made its debut last year during NYFWM with a Lucha Libre themed party at Church Street Boxing Gym. When I first got the invite, I didn’t even know it was for a new underwear label. For some stupid reason, I decided to skip the event. Boy oh boy, I missed all the action!

Fast forward a couple of months, I’m getting styles to test drive the brand. – Thanks, Patrick! Given the underwear freak I am, I don’t know why I haven’t told you about them (must be my lack of organization skills). Anyway, let’s dive into it.

More than just an expensive pair of underwear (retailing from $48 to $360) THE EIGHTH is a mash-up of all the good things in life: art, music, sex, sport and social media. Founded by a group of creative people, THE EIGHTH aims to attract bold, bright and sexy men.

Be Fearless And Comfortable, THE EIGHTH

You can see the artistic direction of the designers in custom prints—like boxing ring toile and British-inspired florals and the richness of the brand in luxury fabrics like micro modal, Pima cotton, elastane, and cashmere. – Not your typical undies.

I’m more of a briefs kind of guy. However, I got to try The Sport style, and I must say it fits pretty snugly. The fabric feels nice on the surface, and the sleek design makes it extremely fetching. – Want a taste of it? Moreover, the whole carefree attitude behind it, it’s what appeals the most to me. Regardless of your body type, age or color, THE EIGHTH wants you to be fearless and comfortable in your own skin.

Be Fearless And Comfortable, THE EIGHTH

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