A Last-Minute Trip To Austin Pride

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Austin Pride Travel Guide

“Austin is the Brooklyn of Texas” of so I’ve heard and let me just say that this might be right. I’ve only been here once before I don’t remember it being as vibrant and hip, but it totally is. People walking on the streets, working out by the lake, posh restaurants, and beautiful street art plus everybody is friendly and open-minded.


When it comes to planning a last-minute trip, I’m an expert… Seriously, I don’t even know how I do it. However, I get away with being here and there in the blink of an eye. And for Austin Pride, this wasn’t an exception.

Austin Pride Travel Guide

At first, I thought it would be a good idea to stay with friends – you know, to save money and all that – bitch it’s on a budget! But then I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to pitch my blog to boutique/gay hotels since I’m trying to shift the focus of my site into lifestyle and travel. So I did, and here we are now!


Austin Pride Travel Guide

For my one night stand in Austin, I stayed at “Park Lane Guest House” the only lesbian-owned, organic vegetarian, vegan place in town. This B&B was intimate and charming.  I won’t go into details because that’s coming up next on the blog.


Austin Pride Travel Guide

I was in the city for Pride, so, of course, I had to attend the Festival and Parade. The festival takes place at Fiesta Gardens overlooking the Colorado River with vendors, exhibitors and an array of entertainers. I ran into the CockyBoys, so I got an obligatory selfie with their newest model and friend, Boomer Banks. The Parade kicks off from the state capitol building in Downtown and continues down Congress Avenue, culminating in the Warehouse District at Republic Square Park. Get there early to grab a good spot and when the Parade its over dance your ass off at one of the many gay clubs in the area. I spent my night at OCH, and I had a blast.


Austin Pride Travel Guide

Everything’s Instagram worthy! So there’s a lot you need to see. But you don’t want to miss  “SoCo”. The neighborhood has some of the best restaurants and bars and the iconic “Greetings from Austin” Postcard Mural.


Austin Pride Travel Guide

Café No Se looks like straight out of a Pinterest board. The Avocado toast it’s everyone’s favorite. For me, the ricotta hotcakes and a side of granola and yogurt did the trick. They were so delicious, Fergilicous? The brunch is LIT so better get here early; otherwise, you’ll end up waiting for your table for more than an hour. Yeah, my friend’s weren’t happy.

Where should I go next? Tell me in the comments section

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