My One-Night Stand At Park Lane Guest House

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A night at Park Lane Guest House

Staying at a hotel for the first time it’s similar to one-night stands; it can be mind blowing or disastrous, and you never really know which one it’s going to be until the morning after. However, as soon as I walked into Park Lane Guest House I knew I was in for a treat.

A night at Park Lane Guest House


Park Lane Guest House is a charming bed and breakfast of three private cottages and a guest room in Austin’s SoCo district featuring a pool, on-site massages, daily organic breakfast plus an EV charging station. It’s a short walk from Downtown and around the corner from the best restaurants and bars on South Congress Avenue.

A night at Park Lane Guest House

Immediately after parking in the private driveway, I began to wander around. It was a hot Saturday, and I couldn’t wait to sit down and take a break from the three-hour drive from Dallas. Soon afterward, Shakti – one-half of the lesbian couple who owns and operates the lodging – greeted me warmly.

A night at Park Lane Guest House

A night at Park Lane Guest House

With a smile on her face at all times, she gave me a quick tour of the premises: from the Main House, to the pool, to the organic garden including the chicken coop. The hotel stands out for being green, organic vegetarian and vegan; even the beds are natural. To say my experience there was fantastic, will be an understatement. Here’s why.

Enjoying Park Lane

A night at Park Lane Guest House


Lying under the magnificent heritage live oak will recharge you immediately. A quick dip in the pool to refresh yourself and outdoor shower that makes it easier to change. – Unless you decided to go skinny-dipping as I did, although, I’m not sure if that’s allowed. The sitting area covered by the oak tree it’s the perfect spot to unwind after exploring the trendy neighborhood of South Congress.

Relaxing In The Vicky House

A night at Park Lane Guest House

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This Victorian cottage custom made from reclaimed building materials was my shelter for the night. Antique wooden walls and stained glass windows enhance the magic of this place. After dancing my ass off at the club, it was so nice to come back and relax in the sleeping loft. I mean, climbing a ladder, how cute is that?

Indulging In Breakfast

A night at Park Lane Guest House


What’s better than breakfast in bed? Breakfast on your private porch. My picture perfect meal consisted of organic Hatch green chile polenta topped with free-range (from their hens) scrambled eggs and grass fed aged Irish cheddar. Served with heirloom tomatoes, avocado and cilantro with a smokey tomato sauce, plus Katz organic fair trade coffee. Breakfast looked not only good but also tasted exquisite.

A night at Park Lane Guest House

If you want to enjoy a magical experience, support a local business caring for the neighborhood and representing the LGBTQ community you should stay at Park Lane Guest House. Shakti and her partner will make your visit to Austin unforgettable.

Thank you, Park Lane Guest House for having me over Austin Pride. I look forward to coming back.

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