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100 Pieces Of Perry

Fall is officially here and what better way to celebrate than being part of Perry Ellis first Instagram Fashion Show. Yes, you heard that right, as of now, I can also add – male model – to my resume… Watch out Lucky Blue; I’m coming for ya!

Today, 100 of the top bloggers and influencers (including me, duh!) are styling 100 Very Perry styles. Follow the hashtag #100PiecesOfPerry and watch the show unfold.

I’m wearing my Iridescent Chambray Shirt with a pair of blue pants and a bandana around my neck because it’s all about the neckwear these days. I kept the ensemble monochromatic to stand out against that cheerful wall.

Photo Phillip Van Nostrand

Jorge Gallegos

Not just a pretty face

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  1. Lavues

    That looks awesome! Great post from you 🙂

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