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Growing up in Mexico as a gay boy wasn’t easy – don’t worry this would not be a “poor thing” kind of post – It took me a while to be comfortable with myself and I a few years ago I finally had the courage to come out of the closet.  It was a struggle for sure. However, this made me the gay man I am today. And perhaps this is why I feel so compel to speak out about LGBT issues.

It’s easy to talk the talk but can I walk the walk? Of course, I can. To prove myself that, on Sunday, October 9, 2016, I’m joining Dallas LifeWalk in the fight of HIV/AIDS. LifeWalk is AIDS Arms’ largest fundraiser, providing program funds for AIDS Arms and LifeWalk Partner Agencies.

Who doesn’t love the Big D? (Pun intended) I enjoy getting down and dirty, as much as the other homos, especially in Texas where everything’s bigger. However, did you know that Dallas has the highest rate of infections in Texas?  That’s why it’s so important that you wrap it up or/and be PrEp-ared.

Still, there’s a lot of our brothers and sister who are fighting the virus and cannot access affordable healthcare and organizations like AIDS Arms provides services to those in need. HIV isn’t a death sentence anymore yet remains a big issue within our community.

So if you can spend more than a hundred dollars at a gay bar on Friday night, you can spare one, five or any amount to this cause. Donate to my page LIFEWALK.ORG/GOTO/MANCHIC anything helps.

I’m counting on you, and I know you won’t disappoint me. – And huge thanks to those who already donated. My first LifeWalk has started off on the right foot!

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