Why My 30th Birthday Will Be Unforgettable Thanks To Donald Trump

5 thoughts on “Why My 30th Birthday Will Be Unforgettable Thanks To Donald Trump”

  1. Your anger is shared by many of us. First point, the American economy is not hurting. Actually it is thriving and it amazes me that people cant see beyond their faces to understand the reality. The other important point is the American people did not elect Trump; the Electoral College gave the election to Trump. Hillary had almost 3 million more popular votes. Regardless, he is President but I think its important to realize the people overwhelmingly voted for Hillary. Believe me, I am as angry as you are and many people I know, feel the same.

    1. Thanks for your commentary! You’re right, the Electoral College elected him. However, he has given voice to a lot of angry, racist, entitled Americans and that’s what worries me. In reality, they’re a lot of people who agree with his views, and that really shows a new face of this country, one we haven’t seen in a long time.

      1. The margin of loss in the popular vote, approx 3 million, is the highest in history. He lost big. No doubt we all have the same fears. These people have always been part of our society. Trump just made it ok for them to remove their masks.

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